The Capsule Wardrobe

What is a capsule wardrobe? Why should you have one? A capsule wardrobe is a collection of essential and classic pieces that can be mixed and matched countless times to give you more for less. It takes time to master the art of curating your capsule wardrobe and it will not always look the same for everyone. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of your favourite pieces that you gravitate towards that represent your current figure and lifestyle. 

A strong capsule wardrobe can save you time everyday and give you infinite outfit options. It eliminates the stress and fatigue of the "I have nothing to wear" or "none of my clothes fit me" dilemma that honestly, we do not have time for.  In my opinion, and most importantly, it discourages overconsumption and fast fashion and helps you practice mindfulness and more intentional shopping.  This is beneficial for not only the environment but also your wallet (we work hard for our money).

"I became obsessed with the concept of curating a capsule wardrobe upon returning from a five month backpacking trip after graduation.  For five months, I lived with only the items I could fit in my back pack, which initially I thought would be a challenge.  With thoughtful packing, I managed to bring items that I could style differently and always felt put together despite only having a handful of pieces.

Once I was back at home, I became so overwhelmed by the volume of belongings in my closet that I continued to live out of my backpack for an additional month despite having access to all my things.  I knew something had to change so I took action and reduced my belongings by 70% and immediately my mind was more clear and I felt lighter. I donated clothing that no longer fit my body or my style because they were occupying too much mental and physical space. I even donated clothing that still had price tags and it was a great lesson to be more intentional when shopping for clothes. 

Your clothes are meant to fit your body, not the other way around. When I get ready in the morning, I never want to question whether something fits or is flattering, I want to be able to grab and go.  Through my practice of mindful and intentional shopping, I focus only on buying styles, cuts, and colours that are good quality, flattering on my body type and that are a perfect reflection of my style."

Pamela, Co-Founder          

At MES AMIES, we believe that collecting versatile, and neutral pieces empowers women to start curating the perfect capsule wardrobe. We designed our styles to be anything but basic and to be complementary to your everyday outfit needs. Tag us on our Instagram so we can see how you style MES AMIES and incorporate our elevated essentials into your capsule wardrobe.